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Granny's quilt has been on display at times on a trunk in my living room or dining room, other times stored away. It is a poor, tattered falling apart old thing, probably made in the 30's or 40's. I don't remember seeing her working on it and I was born in 1940 [yes, I am old!] I do remember standing at a quilt frame as a little girl helping "tie" quilts but this one is hand quilted. I also remember having a quilt with figures on it-not Sunbonnet Sue, but a kind of southern bell with a beautiful flowy dress and bonnet. I don't know what happened to that one, it just kind of disappeared at some point a long time ago. I would love to have that one back and plan on trying to make a replica of it as best as I can remember. I do remember loving the quilt.

There are probably feed sacks in the quilt since Granny was quite poor and buying fabrics was out of the question. She could barely keep body and soul together for herself, my mother and uncle. She is "My Hero" and I tell a little about her @

I got the quilt out from its place in the closet while ago and showed my son what his great, grandmother had made. I was her first grandchild and he is her oldest great, grandchild and remembers her well. He was almost 17 when she passed. He asked if I was going to try to restore it and I guess why keep something in such deterioration when I told him it is beyond repair.

The quilt is all hand stitched from the applique, to the black blanket stitching around each butterfly, to the hand quilting.

I decided to share Granny's handwork with the rest of the family a few years ago. Butterflies were cut from the quilt and turned into ornaments that hold miniatures of the poem I wrote of her, the prayer we found in her Bible that she wrote when her son [my uncle] went away into World War 11, photos of her, the Pilsbury Doughboy and a can of Bruton snuff. Each ornament hangs from a lace handle.

Granny used Bruton Snuff
Photo of Granny's Pilsbury Doughboy that she thought was so cute
butterfly cut from quilt with back sewn on to hold mementos
My precious Granny Crockett
Granny's prayer from her Bible
"My Hero" poem -included in post link above

Granny's quilt
so worn and tattered
one of the more intact butterflies

 I know-sacrilege-cutting a quilt apart
So Granny's quilt now is spread among all the family. Each of us has at least one ornament to hang on our Christmas tree or display all year. I have several in the computer room that I can see every time I go in there.  They are some of my "comfort things" that I like to have around me all the time.

For most of my applique, I use Granny's traditional black blanket stitch. Just love the look. The difference is, hers was done by hand and mine is done by sewing machine. I do have her treadle machine cabinet. It is one of those treasures along with her quilt and the Pilsbury Doughboy that I can see as I walk from room to room.

I have just finished  Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam quilts and guess what? Both are finished in Granny's black blanket stitches. Watch for those in one of my next posts.

If you have a precious quilt that you wish to share, come over to and post a photo.

Happy quilting and crafting
Carolyn Wainscott

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