Monday, February 18, 2013


My daughter, Donna, tells me I am a "hoarder" but I prefer to think I give things a longer life, a more meaningful life and possibly a higher purpose than was first intended. How could I possibly throw away perfectly good ice cream buckets or serger thread cones or whipped topping tubs or, or, or cereal boxes.  They want to have an after life, too. 

Ah, yes-cereal boxes. I try to give them every chance I can-quilting templates, covered with plastic wrap to make a children's craft mat and today's miniature Easter basket.

These don't have to be just for Easter, though. I wanted a miniature basket to go with a "Dorothy" [you know, from the Wizard of Oz] outfit for an American Girl doll. I couldn't find just the right size basket so had to come up with my own. Now if I could just find Toto. 

They would make cute table favors for almost any occasion, I think. What about your next ladies gathering?They only take a few minutes to make and the price is right-free. They can be left with the colorful print showing or spray painted and be rather elegant or to match a certain color scheme. 

Put miniature bunnies in them-Peeps-Candy-Prizes-Flowers-you name it.

All you need are:
recycled cardboard boxes, 1/4" ribbon, cutting tools, ruler, pencil, a little dab of glue-that's it and this is what you get:
I think they are cute as a button. These are 2" square and it is easy to adjust the measurements up or down to make a little smaller or bigger. 

This step by step  video will take you through making the baskets:

Have fun with these, they are perfect children's craft.
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Happy quilting and crafting and God bless you
Carolyn Wainscott

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