Wednesday, November 26, 2014


A couple of years ago I posted a tutorial including a video for transforming a lamp into a glorified candle holder. It is a very elegant piece with a substantial presence on a buffet or as a center piece. You can find that post @

Well, I have been at it again with forays through a church's resource center, goodwill stores and resale shops picking up odd pieces of glassware that I could repurpose. I picked up several odd pieces here and there including some long stemmed things. 

There were glass blobs [for want of a better word] glued onto a couple of the pieces before gluing together. 

A good strong glue for ceramics that dries clear has to be used and all the glassware has to be clean for a permanent bond. I used 527 multi-use glue but there are others out there. Good ventilation is a must here. 

I didn't take photos as I was working but just tried different pieces together until I found the combinations I liked best. Here are the latest candle holders/centerpieces including the original lead crystal made from a lamp. 

Here are all four pieces that range from 15" to 24" tall. They can mix and match on a holiday buffet or as centerpieces so make several if you are planning a big event and need smashing decor. Create your own long stemmed centerpieces for a wedding reception and save some big bucks.  

This is the original lead crystal lamp converted to candle holder. 

This piece was originally a candle holder but it is turned upside down, glass blobs glued onto base and a crystal candle holder glued to the original base.  

I loved this swan that fits nicely onto the long stemmed piece which also has been reversed and glass blobs glued onto the base. It can be used as a candle holder or in a floral arrangement. 

 2 matching ruby pieces have a clear glass between. The clear glass piece has an embossed angel. 

I found this lighted angel topper that is the exact color as the ruby colored pieces so the candle holder can be used as a base for the angel. It stands about 24" tall all together. 

If you make your own center pieces or candle holders with "found" items, please share  photos on my facebook page, Carolyn's Canvas. I would love to see what you make. 

I've had a great time making these, hope you have as much fun as I did.
Carolyn Wainscott


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  1. Stephanie B's Creative Designs here. Very PRETTY glassware!! Very creative!!

    1. thank you, Stephanie, I love scrounging for the pieces to create these and then putting them together,